PACE manufactures high performance aerospace grade components

PACE_25y-rgbA supplier to many of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers for more than 25 years, our components can be found on many of the world’s most advanced commercial airliners and military aircraft

Using the latest CNC technologies, PACE turns and mills precision components from a comprehensive range of aerospace materials to diameters of between 1mm and 250mm, within the most exacting tolerances

If the quality of our manufacturing can be expected of a company of our pedigree, our flexible approach to component supply might not.

A member of the SC21 initiative, we are unusual as a manufacturer in the choice that we offer our customers through which they can take delivery of their components – including kitting, kanban, consignment stocking and direct line feed supply – allowing them to simplify their supply chain logistics.

Engineering excellence, outstanding manufacturing performance, rigorous production processes and attention to detail, customer care and flexibility of supply combine to create a reputation that goes beyond our name – Precision Aerospace Component Engineering.