Why work for us?

We’re proud of our culture where people are encouraged to contribute, innovate and develop.

We’re always seeking new staff with the right skills, experience and outlook on life to join us.

We welcome applicants for vacant positions as well as speculative approaches. If you think you have skills and passion to join our team, then we’re keen to listen – please fill out the contact form.

What it’s like to work for us

“At PACE, I have gained a number of skills that have helped me become a manufacturing engineer of a high standard.

Key skills training has played a huge part in my career. After enrolling on level 2 BIT training I learned improvement techniques to further my knowledge in lean manufacturing. I went on to do level 3 BIT after seeing the positive impact it had on my work and have since gained a promotion within the company.

Working at PACE gives great opportunities to learn and succeed.”

George O’Connor, Cell Leader
Dec 2019

“Since I have started working at PACE I have felt very welcomed, trusted and that my opinion is valued. The company has invested in me with various training courses and always try to offer other ways to improve my skills.

I can see me working alongside this company for a long time. Challenging at times, but always working together to overcome any issues.

I’m currently a team leader, I would like to think that one day I can progress further within the company.”

Dustin Morrison, Cell Leader
Dec 2019

“As a contractor I felt that PACE has a really good working environment and I enjoyed the time that I worked with them. As I have worked with multiple companies in various different locations I am very confident in recommending the friendly and professional environment that I met at PACE. Even though I was a short term contractor everyone was very welcoming and I didn’t make me feel like a temporary member of staff at all”

“I really like the structure and the levels of training that are on offer, the shift patterns really help me with the travel to and from work. Overall I am really happy to be working here and glad that I made the move”

“When I first joined PACE it was really refreshing for me to have a formal induction with the HR manager as I did not at my previous company. Everything was explained to me in depth as was the company’s expectation of me. Also, what I should expect back in return from the company, which made me feel very valued from my first day onwards”