We are currently seeking to recruit 4 apprentices to work mainly in Production. You should have at least 3 GSCEs in Maths/English and Science at grades 4-5 or above. You will learn all aspects of manufacturing as well as other areas of the business.

Apply here.


“Working as an apprentice at PACE, I’ve had the opportunity to work in most departments and learn multiple disciplines. In tandem with the apprenticeship, I have been doing business improvement training, which led me to choose to stay on in the business improvement department. Here I work on projects with reach across the whole business”

“I am very lucky to be one of the few chosen to work here at PACE. I enjoy my work, training to become a quality engineer, and learn a lot from interacting with customers on a daily basis.”

“Going from education to working is never easy but being an apprentice is a great middle ground, I get to work in an industry I aspire to be successful in as well as learn a lot along the way.”

Alexander Smith, Apprentice.
Jan 2020

“Being an apprentice is not easy, but going to work and enjoying it with great people to teach me and learning so much from some great engineers makes it all worth it.“

“I have been given a great opportunity here to learn from dozens of engineers from all backgrounds, I enjoy work, and those I work with what – more can I ask for?”

Matthew Slark, Apprentice.
Jan 2020